The Neptune Seminar!

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We had over 30 people at the Neptune seminar in Rockville.

I was able to see children that already got their bilateral Neptunes!!! I love the fact you can clip your processor anywhere!! I did a demonstration to a few people how I would wear my Neptune if I had one!!! I only wish!!!!

I also got to meet a candidate that was interested in AB's implants. He happens to work across the street from my building! Hopefully soon we will meet and have lunch!

Do I want the Neptune? Yes I do! BUT I rather wait for the next generation processor since insurance will cover a new implant per ear every 5 years with a justification. I only like it since its the off the ear option.


HLAA Magazine - January/February Issue

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Me and my husband are featured on the cover of the January/February edition of the Hearing Loss Magazine which is from HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America). We talked about our relationship, how we met and how we became friends and later became a couple and now happily married!

Here is the front cover of the magazine! This is actually our engagement photo! :)

We wanted others to hear about how we met, how we struggle with our hearing losses and how supportive we are to each other. 

Here is the story cover...

We had a wonderful photographer named Cindy Dyer and her friend Ed. They captured wonderful photos of our wedding day and couldn't be more happier with them!!!! You can check out Cindy's blog here. Cindy is also the photographer and the graphic designer for the Hearing Loss magazine as well!!

If you are itching to read our story... the cover story is in PDF format here!


HLAA - January/February Issue

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If you are a current member of the HLAA, you should be getting the Hearing Loss Magazine every two months.

Check out the first edition of 2012! Me and my husband are featured in the magazine. We talked about our challenges of our hearing loss and how we met! We hope you will enjoy our story and inspire others!

Check back soon to see the PDF of the magazine on the blog!!!!


Discover NEPTUNE - Rockville Seminar!

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Hope to see you there! This is from AB's website:

Introducing Neptune™, the world’s first—and only—swimmable sound processor from Advanced Bionics. Developed for all ages and lifestyles, the lightweight Neptune processor features the industry’s first freestyle™ design, allowing patients to hear their world with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear.

To learn more about the features and benefits of this revolutionary new sound processor, attend one of the following seminars designed for adults and parents of children with hearing loss as well as the professionals who support them. Additionally, the seminar will offer a demonstration of valuable resources to support your journey to better hearing. Time will be provided for chatting with other attendees and speaking directly with manufacturer representatives.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Rockville, MD

Who: Adults and parents of children with hearing loss as well as the professionals who support them. 

Captioning for each seminar will be provided.

Questions? Unable to attend the event, but would like to learn more?
Please contact the Bionic Ear Association (BEA):
Call  866.844.HEAR (4327)


AB's Neptune is now available Worldwide!

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Press Release Below:

 VALENCIA, Calif., January 6, 2012 – Advanced Bionics (AB), the global leader in cochlear implant technology, announced today that it received approval in Europe for Neptune™, the world’s first and only swimmable, waterproof sound processor. On December 1, AB announced FDA approval for the distribution of Neptune sound processors in the United States and Canada. The addition of TÜV approval for Europe allows AB to distribute Neptune worldwide.

Fully intended for swimming and bathing, Neptune is designed to help cochlear implant recipients hear both in and out of the water. Recipients using other products on the market must remove their processor when they swim or bathe, which means they miss out on important safety instructions and opportunities for language development because they are not hearing during those times. Developed for all weather, terrain, ages and lifestyles, Neptune allows recipients to enjoy an abundance of water and sports activities thanks to its durable, waterproof design. Parents of pediatric recipients will appreciate the bonding and learning that comes with hearing during bath time, as well as the safety of hearing in the pool.

Designed after the chic styling of popular consumer electronics, the lightweight Neptune processor also features the industry’s first freestyle™ design, allowing recipients to hear the world of sound with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear. As a testament to the polished styling, the Industrial Designers Society of America recently honored Neptune with a Silver Shaggie award in recognition of excellence in product design. Neptune’s freestyle wearing category is new for the cochlear implant industry, giving recipients the ability to choose their wearing style. With the variety of convenient accessories, recipients can wear the Neptune processor anywhere and way they choose, such as in the hair, on an arm, under a collar, in a pocket—a high level of flexibility not available in the market until now. Neptune also comes in a wide range of fashion-forward colors for matching it to wardrobes or showing it off. And for those who prefer a more discreet look, it can also be easily tucked away. Parents will appreciate the many features included to ensure that Neptune is the perfect choice for small children, including removable controls that make it tamper-proof so that children can always hear their best.

Advanced Bionics was able to develop these industry firsts without compromising hearing performance. Neptune is fully compatible with the most advanced hearing technology, including ClearVoice™, HiRes Fidelity 120™ and AutoSound™, which are only available from AB.* These sophisticated sound processing strategies are designed to deliver the best hearing performance in real-world environments where recipients would otherwise struggle, such as busy offices, loud playgrounds, music recitals and crowded restaurants.

Neptune garnered an enthusiastic response from the cochlear implant professional community when it was announced at this year’s European Symposium on Pediatric Cochlear Implantation (ESPCI) in Athens, Greece and the 13th Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Children that took place in Chicago, IL, USA.

For more information about Neptune, contact a local Advanced Bionics representative or visit www.advancedbionics.com.

About Advanced Bionics:

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems in the world. Founded in 1993 and a subsidiary of the Sonova Group since 2009, AB develops cutting-edge cochlear implant technology that allows recipients to hear their best.

AB offers the most sophisticated cochlear implant system on the market, the HiResolution™ Bionic Ear System, with five times more sound resolution than its competitors, designed to help recipients hear in noisy settings and enjoy the full dimensions of music.

With sales in over 50 countries and a proven track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, AB’s talented group of technologists and professionals from all over the world are driven to succeed, work with integrity and stay firmly committed to quality.

To learn more about AB and its innovative cochlear implant technology, please visit www.advancedbionics.com.

*ClearVoice is pending regulatory approval in the United States. HiRes Fidelity 120 is not approved for pediatric use in the United States.


Awesome Gift in the Mail :)

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Boy, it took me about 15 minutes to get this box out of the tiny mailbox!!!  I actually took several trips to the mailbox to attempt to get it out!  Well, it took me two steak knives and some surgery of the box.  I was able to get my gift out. The box had plenty of room but when us homeowners try to get it out of the frame with the key, the hole is smaller.

Advanced Bionics sent us a gift saying Thank You for us being volunteers for AB. I thought it was the nicest gift I ever got in a long time!

Thank you AB!

The Group Shot of us taken in AB's HQ
in Valencia, California
December 8, 2011

Thank you for helping others
to Hear and be Heard


3rd Visit to Advanced Bionics HQ in Valencia, California

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I got invited to go back to Valencia for my third time and I am grateful for the opportunity to go back and learn about their products and how the implants work.  The best part of the trip is to see others that I've met in the last two visits.

The primary goal is show us the Neptune, AB's new baby on the market.  Its being shipped in the beginning of January 2012.

We got photos done by a professional photographer.  One is the group photo of all of us Mentors and Chapter Leaders. We also got to play with the Neptune. They wanted to take photos of us wearing it any way we want to.  I made my Neptune Pink and then clipped it to my hair.  Oh my goodness. it was so light!!! Nothing on my ear. It took the weight off and loved it  - too bad I couldn't take it home :(

We also got to spend some time with the CEO and CTO of AB, Dr. Gerhard Roehrlein.  He was so interested in hearing our journeys and why we chose AB and why we have have been a loyal consumer and volunteer for AB.  I thought Gerhard was a pretty cool guy from an engineer perspective. He knows how important it is for us to 'hear' and hearing stories from us enforced that.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

Of course, I've got photos from the trip!  :)

My friend Sam with Buddy!

Renee, Gerhard, Evelyn, me and Sam
We had a great time meeting Gerhard!

Our cute Flash Drive with all Neptune PDFs in there!

The rainbow of colors for the Neptune!

Advanced Bionics HQ!

Me modeling the Neptune.
I made mine pink (the photo does NOT show the pink well)
And the best part was it was off my ear finally!!!


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